Low-Carbon Initiatives in Albania

03 Sep, 2020

In the framework of the NET Climate project, REC Albania in cooperation with several environmental experts and members of Civil Society Organizations in Albania have identified about 27 low carbon emissions practices that are being implemented in Albania.

These practices are part of different development sectors such as: Energy, Transport and Construction, Education, Information and Communication Technology, Agriculture and Food. Some of them are initiatives of an individual, others are local government investments and initiatives of businesses and companies. There are also initiatives coming from the community and organizations, which represent success stories related to climate change, but which have probably never been identified as such.

The identification of these examples is not only aimed at promoting them, but also seek to motivate people to adapt to a climate-friendly lifestyle, which today is a necessity to reduce CO2 emissions. However, human mentality and behavior is a complex and extremely difficult phenomenon to change, especially when the consequences of our behavior and consumption patterns become invisible in our daily lives.

On the other hand, changing citizens' behavior requires more than just using some classical methods, such as public awareness campaigns and information dissemination. It is difficult for many people to understand what they need to do on a personal level to change today’s trend of climate change, because of the magnitude of the climate change problem itself, let alone link it to their daily living choices.

This initiative of REC Albania directs attention to green ideas and solutions that have already found space in the Albanian reality.

We hope that together with all the browsers of this publication, careful readers or even experts in the field can learn more about these practices with low carbon emissions, to support and promote them. REC Albania believes that this publication marks the beginning of a new level of exchange of green knowledge, without carbon emissions not only between environmental NGOs, but also with other actors in the development sectors of the country.

You can download the full publication here: Nisma me Shkarkime të Ulëta Karboni në Shqipëri