Register of Handicraft Producers of the region near Shkodra Lake

28 Jan, 2020

This register of handicrafts has been prepared in the framework of the IMPRECO project, which aims to protect and improve ecosystem services and address their environmental sensitivity by enhancing the potential of biodiversity of protected areas and conservation of ecosystems through their international networks.

This register provides detailed information on 30 artisans who operate in the municipalities of Shkodra and Malësi e Madhe. Their activity is in the fields of agro-biodiversity, eco-tourism, craft work practices. Many of them have preserved the traditions of the area in the production of traditional products of the area, wood and metal working, wool and textile processing, etc. Their works can be found in their stores and promoted in various local and national fairs. They have become part of the tourist offers of this region.

To download the register, please click on the link: Register of Handicraft Producers of the region near Shkodra Lake