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Monitoring of the National Action Plan

Climate crisis trends continue through their downward spiral. Albania, despite contributing to only 0.01% of global emissions, is extremely vulnera...

07 Mar, 2022

Annual Conference of the People's Advocate 2021 "Rights of future generations and climate change"

In 2019, as part of its commitment to the Paris Agreement and Emission Reduction Objectives (NDCs), Albania was the first country in the region to ...

22 Dec, 2021

The Climate Emergency: Community initiative to announce it

In 2021, we have once again witnessed extreme weather-related events in Europe: July was ranked the third hottest on record; co...

21 Oct, 2021

Challenges of Climate Change, a ‘wakeup’ call for Albania

30 Sep, 2021

Air polluted in Elbasan raises civic concern, but not monitoring institutions

The problems of environmental pollution are great all over the country. But in such cases when there are incidences for discharg...

29 Jul, 2021

Education for Sustainable Development to be included in Albanian Education Strategy, 2021-2026

Effect of the country strategies’ framework has already ended up therefore a reviewal process has started and is currently ong...

11 Jun, 2021

Questionnaires form for NGOs on Monitoring the Implementation of the National Integrated Waste Management Strategy

The Integrated Waste Management Strategy has completed the first year of its implementation.

14 May, 2021

GEA call for concept-proposals

REC Albania, with the financial support of Global Environment Facility, GEF is implementing the project "Green Enterprises Led by Women in Albania,...

07 May, 2021