The Resource Environmental Center Albania (REC Albania) is an Albanian legal entity registered under the Law on Non-profit Organisations (2001). The REC Albania works to fulfill the organization's mission by supporting NGOs and environmental institutions and stakeholders at a national, regional and local level. It also promotes participatory processes and exchange of information.

REC Albania promotes cooperation among different stakeholder groups, provides professional advice to decision-makers; disseminates knowledge on Education for Sustainable Development policy and tools; develops innovative multimedia tool-kits in both online and printed formats for classroom use; builds the capacities of local, national and sub-national stakeholders; and facilitates public participation in policy making.



"Mjedisi Sot" has a new face!

REC Albania's 20-year-old Environmental Information Platform will, from today on, have a new look and up-to-date functionalities that help fulfill ...

07 Nov, 2019

Nature rewards cooperation

In the framework of the project "Climate Change Adaptation Awareness Campaign and the Benefits of an Ecosystem-Based Approach in the Kune-Vain Lago...

29 Oct, 2019

Bank loans guide for Albanian farmers

Agriculture accounts for the largest share of employment (with about 50% of the workforce) but receives only 4% of total funding...

23 Sep, 2019

Walk with Us - European Mobility Week

Every year September 16-22 marks the European Mobility Week. This year the theme set by the European Union is "Walk With Us". Thi...

18 Sep, 2019